Számítógépek – úgy általánosságban. 🙂 Egy kis angolozás senkinek nem árt! (Ha valahol hiba van, szólj; vagy ha netán hasznosnak találtad, azt írd meg!) 😀


Nowadays computers are used in all fields of life, so you meet computers everywhere. You can find them in banks, post offices, shops, hospitals, restaurants, pharmacies, libraries, schools, offices, factories, homes, etc. Hospitals cannot function without computers. Traffic is also controlled with computers. Banks and post offices complete transactions using computers. Even everyday activities, such as shopping, involve computers.

Computers are used for storing data, word processing, keeping records, invoicing, managing production and so on.

I sit in front of the computer all day at work. I use the word processor and spreadsheet programs. I have a PC at home, too. I frequently surf the net and send e-mails. I’m not a computer game fan.

A word processor is easier to use. You can insert words, phrases, sentences and even pages. You can correct mistakes, modify sentence structures, check the spelling and store what you have typed. You can select fonts and character settings. You can insert pictures, charts, tables and files, cut parts of documents from a file and paste them somewhere else. If you use a traditional typewriter, you can’t correct what you have written but have to start the whole work from the beginning.

+ Student version: I have to write long essays and do translations so I do my homework assignments on my computer. My parents don’t like my staying up playing half the night because it makes me too tired the next day. I can’t concentrate and get bad marks. They also say that staring at the screen is not good for my eyes.

We have computer science classes twice a week. We study word processing, using spreadsheets and writing simple programmes. Our computer lab is quite well-equipped. There are twenty computers with large screens and some laser printers.


Most gonosz leszek: Jó szótárazást! 🙂

spreadsheet program – táblázatkezelő
assignment – feladat

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